DIN 66025 G Code Flashcards

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DIN 66025 G Code
G00Rapid traverse
G01Linear interpolation with feedrate
G02Circular interpolation (clockwise)
G03Circular interpolation (counter clockwise)
G2/G3Helical interpolation
G04Dwell time in milliseconds
G05Spline definition
G06Spline interpolation
G07Tangential circular interpolation / Helix interpolation / Polygon interpolation / Feedrate interpolation
G08Ramping function at block transition / Look ahead "off"
G09No ramping function at block transition / Look ahead "on"
G10Stop dynamic block preprocessing
G11Stop interpolation during block preprocessing
G12Circular interpolation (cw) with radius
G13Circular interpolation (ccw) with radius
G14Polar coordinate programming, absolute
G15Polar coordinate programming, relative
G16Definition of the pole point of the polar coordinate system
G17Selection of the X, Y plane
G18Selection of the Z, X plane
G19Selection of the Y, Z plane
G20Selection of a freely definable plane
G21Parallel axes "on"
G22Parallel axes "off"
G24Safe zone programming; lower limit values
G25Safe zone programming; upper limit values
G26Safe zone programming "off"
G27Safe zone programming "on"
G33Thread cutting with constant pitch
G34Thread cutting with dynamic pitch
G35Oscillation configuration
G38Mirror imaging "on"
G39Mirror imaging "off"
G40Path compensations "off"
G41Path compensation left of the work piece contour
G42Path compensation right of the work piece contour
G43Path compensation left of the work piece contour with altered approach
G44Path compensation right of the work piece contour with altered approach
G51Part rotation; programming in degrees
G52Part rotation; programming in radians
G53Zero offset off
G54Zero offset #1
G55Zero offset #2
G56Zero offset #3
G57Zero offset #4
G58Zero offset #5
G59Zero offset #6
G63Feed / spindle override not active
G66Feed / spindle override active
G70Inch format active
G71Metric format active
G72Interpolation with precision stop "off"
G73Interpolation with precision stop "on"
G74Move to home position
G75Curvature function activation
G76Curvature acceleration limit
G78Normalcy function "on" (rotational axis orientation)
G79Normalcy function "off"
G80-G89for milling applications:
G80Canned cycle "off"
G81Drilling to final depth canned cycle
G82Spot facing with dwell time canned cycle
G83Deep hole drilling canned cycle
G84Tapping or Thread cutting with balanced chuck canned cycle
G85Reaming canned cycle
G86Boring canned cycle
G87Reaming with measuring stop canned cycle
G88Boring with spindle stop canned cycle
G89Boring with intermediate stop canned cycle
G81-G88for cylindrical grinding applications:
G81Reciprocation without plunge
G82Incremental face grinding
G83Incremental plunge grinding
G84Multi-pass face grinding
G85Multi-pass diameter grinding
G86Shoulder grinding
G87Shoulder grinding with face plunge
G88Shoulder grinding with diameter plunge
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G92Position preset
G93Constant tool circumference velocity "on" (grinding wheel)
G94Feed in mm / min (or inch / min)
G95Feed per revolution (mm / rev or inch / rev)
G96Constant cutting speed "on"
G97Constant cutting speed "off"
G98Positioning axis signal to PLC
G99Axis offset
G100Polar transformation "off"
G101Polar transformation "on"
G102Cylinder barrel transformation "on"; cartesian coordinate system
G103Cylinder barrel transformation "on," with real-time-radius compensation (RRC)
G104Cylinder barrel transformation with center line migration (CLM) and RRC
G105Polar transformation "on" with polar axis selections
G106Cylinder barrel transformation "on" polar-/cylinder-coordinates
G107Cylinder barrel transformation "on" polar-/cylinder-coordinates with RRC
G108Cylinder barrel transformation polar-/cylinder-coordinates with CLM and RRC
G109Axis transformation programming of the tool depth
G110Power control axis selection/channel 1
G111Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/channel 1 (Voltage, Frequency, Time)
G112Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/channel 1
G113Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/channel 1
G114Power control pre-selection T4/channel 1
G115Power control pre-selection T5/channel 1
G116Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output
G117Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output
G120Axis transformation; orientation changing of the linear interpolation rotary axis
G121Axis transformation; orientation change in a plane
G125Electronic gear box; plain teeth
G126Electronic gear box; helical gearing, axial
G127Electronic gear box; helical gearing, tangential
G128Electronic gear box; helical gearing, diagonal
G130Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G131Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G132Axis transformation; programming of the type of the orientation change
G133Zero lag thread cutting "on"
G134Zero lag thread cutting "off"
G140Axis transformation; orientation designation work piece fixed coordinates
G141Axis transformation; orientation designation active coordinates
G160ART activation
G161ART learning function for velocity factors "on"
G162ART learning function deactivation
G163ART learning function for acceleration factors
G164ART learning function for acceleration changing
G165Command filter "on"
G166Command filter "off"
G170Digital measuring signals; block transfer with hard stop
G171Digital measuring signals; block transfer without hard stop
G172Digital measuring signals; block transfer with smooth stop
G175SERCOS-identification number "write"
G176SERCOS-identification number "read"
G180Axis transformation "off"
G181Axis transformation "on" with not rotated coordinate system
G182Axis transformation "on" with rotated / displaced coordinate system
G183Axis transformation; definition of the coordinate system
G184Axis transformation; programming tool dimensions
G186Look ahead; corner acceleration; circle tolerance
G188Activation of the positioning axes
G190Diameter programming deactivation
G191Diameter programming "on" and display of the contact point
G192Diameter programming; only display contact point diameter
G193Diameter programming; only display contact point actual axes center point
G200Corner smoothing "off"
G201Corner smoothing "on" with defined radius
G202Corner smoothing "on" with defined corner tolerance
G203Corner smoothing with defined radius up to maximum tolerance
G210Power control axis selection/Channel 2
G211Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/Channel 2
G212Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/Channel 2
G213Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/Channel 2
G214Power control pre-selection T4/Channel 2
G215Power control pre-selection T5/Channel 2
G216Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output/Channel 2
G217Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output/Channel 2
G220Angled wheel transformation "off"
G221Angled wheel transformation "on"
G222Angled wheel transformation "on" but angled wheel moves before others
G223Angled wheel transformation "on" but angled wheel moves after others
G265Distance regulation – axis selection
G270Turning finishing cycle
G271Stock removal in turning
G272Stock removal in facing
G274Peck finishing cycle
G275Outer diameter / internal diameter turning cycle
G276Multiple pass threading cycle
G310Power control axes selection /channel 3
G311Power control pre-selection V1, F1, T1/channel 3
G312Power control pre-selection V2, F2, T2/channel 3
G313Power control pre-selection V3, F3, T3/channel 3
G314Power control pre-selection T4/channel 3
G315Power control pre-selection T5/channel 3
G316Power control pre-selection T6/pulsing output/Channel 3
G317Power control pre-selection T7/pulsing output/Channel 3