Fanuc 16i G Codes Flashcards

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Fanuc 16i G Codes - CNC Lathe / Turning
G0 rapid axis linear movement.
G1 axis linear movement in work mode.
G2 clockwise circular interpolation.
G3 anticlockwise circular interpolation.
G4 stand-by.
G10 data entry from program.
G11 deletes the data entry from program mode
G17 selection of working surface X Y.
G18 selection of working surface Z X.
G19 selection of working surface Y Z.
G28 return to reference point (with axis C and axis A option).
G33 thread cutting movement.
G40 radius offset disable.
G41 tool radius offset with workpiece on right of profile.
G42 tool radius offset with workpiece on left of profile.
G52 absolute programmable origin transfer.
G53 enables transfers referring to machine origin.
G54 modifiable origin transfer.
G55 modifiable origin transfer.
G56 modifiable origin transfer.
G57 modifiable origin transfer.
G58 modifiable origin transfer.
G59 modifiable origin transfer.
G65 single macro instruction call up.
G66 modal macro-instruction call-up.
G67 delete modal macro-instruction call-up.
G70 finishing cycle.
G71 material removal by turning.
G72 material removal by facing.
G73 profile repetition.
G76 thread cutting cycle with several cuts.
G80 delete fixed front drilling cycle.
G83 fixed front drilling cycle.
G84 fixed front tapping cycle (cannot be used with rotating tools).
G85 fixed cycle of frontal boring.
G87 fixed side drilling cycle.
G89 fixed side of lateral boring.
G90 programming with absolute co-ordinates.
G91 programming with incremental co-ordinates.
G92 spindle speed limitation.
G94 feed programming in mm/min.
G95 feed programming in mm/rev..
G96 constant cutting speed programming in m/min.
G97 fixed revolution spindle rotation programming in rpm.
G107 cylindrical interpolation.
G112 polar co-ordinates interpolation
G113 delete polar co-ordinates interpolation.
G174 radial grooves rough machining/pre-finishing cycle.
G175 radial grooves finishing cycle.
G176 axial grooves rough machining/pre-finishing cycle.
G177 axial grooves finishing cycle