Cincinnati M Codes Flashcards

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M00 Program Stop
M01 Optional Stop
M02 End of Program (do not put tool away)
M03 Spindle ON CW
M04 Spindle ON CCW
M05 Spindle and Coolant OFF
M06 Tool Change
M08 External Flood Coolant ON
M08.1 thru M08.8 Coolant Jets Position Control (option)
M09 Coolant OFF
M10/M10.x Clamp Rotary Axis #1 –4
M11/M11.x Unclamp Rotary Axis # 1 — 4)
M13 Spindle ON CW, External Flood Coolant ON
M14 Spindle ON CCW, External Flood Coolant ON
M19 Oriented Spindle Stop
M26 Spindle Axis Full Retract
M27 Through Spindle Coolant
M30 End of Program (put tool away)
M34 Enable Data Acquisition
M35 Disable Data Acquisition
M41 Select Spindle Constant Power Mode
M42 Select Spindle Constant Torque Mode
M48 Feedrate & Spindle Speed Override Enable
M49 Feedrate & Spindle Speed Override Disable
M58 Disarm Spindle Probe (Option)
M59 Arm Spindle Probe (Option)
M60 Swarf Wash ON
M61 Swarf Wash OFF
M70 thru M79 User Definable M Codes (Option)
M83 Part Complete
M91 Swarf Conveyor ON
M92 Swarf Conveyor OFF