Machinist Terminology Flashcards

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Occupational Skills repetitive general skills for many tasks performed by a machinist that are common to several machine tool applications
Bench Work all the activities performed using hand tools at a bench such as sawing, reaming, tapping, assembly and disassembly
boring a machining process that produces a round straight hole using a single point tool
chamfer usually a 45 degree angle machined on the start of a bore or a shaft to allow for ease of assembly
computer numerical control (CNC) the control of a machine tool using coded instructions from a programmer or an operator
counterbore enlarging the end of a previously created hole
countersink creating a tapered hole on the end of an existing hole to accommodate a tapered head screw
drill press a machine used to produce holes in workpieces; reaming, tapping, spot facing and countersinking can also be performed on drill presses
grinder a machine that removes material from workpieces using abrasive wheels
heat treatment the heating and cooling of metals to modify their mechanical properties
knurling using a tool to produce a pattern on the diameter of a workpiece in a lathe
lathe a machine that holds and rotates the workpiece; a cutting tool is moved on slideways to cut cylindrical, tapered or threaded features on a workpiece
Machinery’s Handbook a reference book used by the mechanical engineering disciplines such as engineers, toolmakers and machinists
mill a machine that holds the workpiece while a rotating cutter with single or multiple cutting edges cut surfaces and contours
saw a machine commonly used to cut off workpieces from bar stock using a multi-tooth blade
spot facing a machining operation that creates a flat surface at 90° to a hole
tapping cutting threads within a hole using a cutting tool called a tap
traverse grinding grinding using an automatic feed
trepanning cutting a groove in the form of a circle or boring or cutting a hole by removing the center or core in one piece