CNC Machining Glossary Flashcards

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CNC Router A computer operated machine that greatly simplifies manufacturing processes for cabinetmaking woodworking signmaking panel processing plastics fabrication, 3-D carving and sculpting, and much much more.
Gear Ratio The gear ratio is the ratio of a drive pulley to a driven pulley. For instance, a CNC linear motion transmission system; with a one stage gear reduction; having a 15 tooth drive pulley and a 72 tooth driven pulley would have a 4.8 to 1 gear reduction.
Pulsing Engine The term "pulsing engine" refers to anything that sends a stream of pulses to a device controlled by digital step and direction signals.
Rack-and-Pinion A drive mechanism using a linear gear rack in combination with a rotating spur gear. Use the following link to find out more information on rack and pinion drive systems.
Resolution The resolution of a machine is the number of pulses required to move the machine one unit of measurement (usually inches or millimeters).
Step Size Step size is the distance a machine travels in one step. In other words, the step size is the distance the machine moves every time the pulsing engine sends it a step.