CNC WORK Flashcards

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VICE This holds the material to be cut or shaped. Material must be held securely otherwise it may 'fly' out of the vice when the CNC begins to machine. Normally the vice will be like a clamp that holds the material in the correct position.
GUARD The guard protects the person using the CNC. When the CNC is machining the material small pieces can be 'shoot' off the material at high speed. This could be dangerous if a piece hit the person operating the machine. The guard completely encloses the the dangerous areas of the CNC.
CHUCK This holds the material that is to be shaped. The material must be placed in it very carefully so that when the CNC is working the material is not thrown out at high speed.
MOTOR The motor is enclosed inside the machine. This is the part that rotates the chuck at high speed.
LATHE BED The base of the machine. Usually a CNC is bolted down so that it cannot move through the vibration of the machine when it is working.
CUTTING TOOL This is usually made from high quality steel and it is the part that actually cuts the material to be shaped.