Haas Mill G102 Programmable Output to RS-232

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G102 Programmable Output to RS-232 (Group 00)

X X-axis command
Y Y-axis command
Z Z-axis command
A A-axis command

Commanding a G102 will send the current work coordinates of the axes to the first RS-232 port, from there a computer is used to record the values sent. Each axis listed in the G102 command block is output to the RS-232 port in the same format as values displayed in a program. A G102 should be used in a command block without any other G-codes. It will not cause any axis motion, the value for the axes have no effect.
Also see Setting 41 and Setting 25. The values sent out are always the current axis positions referenced to the current work coordinate system. This G-code is useful in order to probe a part (also see G31). When the probe touches the part, the next line of code could be a G102 to send the axes position to a computer in order to store the coordinates. This is referred to as digitizing a part, which is taking a tangible part and making an electronic copy of it. Additional software for personal computers is required to complete this

G102 Programmable Output to RS-232