Haas Mill G164 5-Axis Tapping Canned Cycle

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G164 5-Axis Tapping Canned Cycle (Group 09)

G164 only performs floating taps. G174/184 is available for 5-axis rigid tapping.

E Specifies the distance from the start position to the bottom of the hole
F Feedrate in inches (mm) per minute
A A-axis tool starting position
B B-axis tool starting position
X X-axis tool starting position
Y Y-axis tool starting position
Z Z-axis tool starting position
S Spindle Speed

A specific X, Y, Z, A, B position must be programmed before the canned cycle is commanded. The control will automatically start the spindle CW before this canned cycle.


(1/2-13 TAP)
T5 M6
G01 G54 G90 X8.4221 Y-8.4221 B23. A21.342 S500M3 F360. (Clearance Position)
G143 H5 Z14.6228 M8
G1 X6.6934 Y-6.6934 Z10.5503 F360. (Initial Start position)
G164 E1.0 F38.46 (Canned Cycle)
X8.4221 Y-8.4221 B23. A21.342 Z14.6228 (Clearance Position)
G1 G28 G91 Z0.
G91 G28 B0. A0.

G164 5-Axis Tapping Canned Cycle