Haas Mill G187 Setting the Smoothness Level

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G187 Setting the Smoothness Level (Group 00)

G-187 is an accuracy command that can set and control both the smoothness and max corner rounding value when cutting a part. The format for using G187 is G187 Pn Ennnn.
P Controls the smoothness level, P1(rough), P2(medium), or P3(finish).
E Sets the max corner rounding value, temporarily overriding Setting 85.
Setting 191 sets the default smoothness to the user specified “rough,” “medium,” or “finish” when G187 is not active. The “medium” setting is the factory default setting. NOTE: Changing setting 191 to “Finish” will take longer to machine a part. Use this setting only when needed for the best finish. G187 Pm Ennnn sets both the smoothness and max corner rounding value. G187 Pm sets the smoothness but leaves max corner rounding value at its current value. G187 Ennnn sets the max corner rounding but leaves smoothness at its current value. G187 by itself cancles the E value and sets smoothness to the default smoothness specified by Setting 191. G187 will be cancelled whenever “Reset” is pressed, M30 or M02 is executed, the end of program is reached, or E-stop is pressed.

G187 Setting the Smoothness Level