Haas Mill G31 Feed Until Skip

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G31 Feed Until Skip (Group 00)

(This G-code is optional and requires a probe)

F Feedrate in inches (mm) per minute
X X-axis absolute motion command
Y Y-axis absolute motion command
Z Z-axis absolute motion command
A A-axis absolute motion command
B B-axis absolute motion command

This G-code moves the axes to the programmed position. It applies only to the block in which G31 is specified. The specified move is started and continues until the position is reached or the probe receives a signal (skip signal). The control will beep when the end of travel is reached. Do not use Cutter Compensation with a G31. Use the assigned M-codes (for example M52 and M62), with a dwell, to turn the table probe on and off
For example:

G04 P100

Also see M75, M78 and M79.

G31 Feed Until Skip