Haas Mill G81 Drill Canned Cycle

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G81 Drill Canned Cycle (Group 09)

F Feedrate in inches (or mm) per minute
L Number of holes to drill if G91 (Incremental Mode) is used
R Position of the R plane (position above the part)
X X-axis motion command
Y Y-axis motion command
Z Position of the Z-axis at the bottom of hole

1 The X and Y addresses, in most cases, are the location of the first hole to be drilled.

Program Example

The following is a program to drill through an aluminum plate:

T1 M06
G00 G90 G54 X1.125 Y-1.875 S4500 M03
G43 H01 Z0.1
G81 G99 Z-0.35 R0.1 F27.
X3.0 Y-3.0
X4.0 Y-5.625
X5.250 Y-1.375
G80 G00 Z1.0

G81 Drill Canned Cycle