Haas Mill G84 Tapping Canned Cycle

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G84 Tapping Canned Cycle (Group 09)apping Canned Cycle (Group 09)

F Feedrate in inches (or mm) per minute
J Retract Multiple (Example: J2 will retract twice as fast as the cutting speed, also see Setting 130)
L Number of holes if G91 (Incremental Mode) is used
R Position of the R plane (Position above the part)
X X-axis location of hole
Y Y-axis location of hole
Z Position of the Z-axis at the bottom of hole


Program                                   Example
T3 M06                                    (Tool #3 is a 3/8-16 tap)
G90 G54 G00 X0.565 Y-1.875 S900 M03
G43 H03 Z0.2 M08
G84 Z-0.600 R0.2 F56.25                   (900 rpm divided by 16 tpi = 56.25 ipm)
X1.115 Y-2.750
X3.365 Y-2.875
X4.188 Y-3.313
X5.0 Y-4.0
G80 G00 Z1.0 M09
G28 G91 Y0 Z0

G84 Tapping Canned Cycle