Haas Mill G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode

Haas G Codes Mill Reference

G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode (Group 05)

F Feed Rate (strokes per minute)
This G code specifies that all F (feedrate) values are interpreted as “strokes per minute.” In other words the time (in seconds) to complete the programmed motion using G93 is, 60 (seconds) divided by the F value. G93 is generally used in 4 and 5-axis work when the program is generated using a CAM system. G93 is a way of translating the linear (inches/min) feedrate into a value that takes rotary motion into account. When G93 is used, the F value will tell you how many times per minute the stroke (tool move) can be repeated.
When G93 is used, feedrate (F) is mandatory for all interpolated motion blocks. Therefore each non-rapid motion block must have its own feedrate (F) specification.
Notes: Pressing RESET will set the machine to G94 (Feed per Minute) mode. Settings 34 and 79 (4th & 5th axis diameter) are not necessary when using G93.

G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode