Sherline G Code Quiz

Sherline G Code
G00 Rapid move (rapid positioning)
G01 Feed Rate move (linear interpolation)
G02 Clockwise move (circular/helical interpolation clockwise)
G03 Counter Clockwise move (circular/helical interpolation c-clockwise)
G04 Dwell time
G08 Spline Smoothing On
G09 Exact stop check, Spline Smoothing Off
G10 A linear feedrate controlled move with a decelerated stop / coordinate system origin setting
G11 Controlled Decel stop
G20 Inch system selection
G21 Millimeter system selection
G28 Return to clearance plane
G33 Threading (Lathe) Note: G33 and G33.1 will not work on Sherline CNC mills or lathes because the spindle and the axis are not synchronized.
G35 Bypass error checking on next line
G40 Tool compensation off
G41 Tool compensation to the left
G42 Tool compensation to the right
G43 Tool length compensation - negative direction
G44 Tool length compensation - positive direction
G49 Tool length compensation cancelled
G53 Cancel work coordinate offsets
G54-G59 Work coordinate offsets 1 through 6
G59.1 Use preset work coordinate system 7
G59.2 Use preset work coordinate system 8
G59.3 Use preset work coordinate system 9
G61 Spline contouring with buffering mode off
G64 Spline contouring with buffering mode on
G65 Mill out rectangular pocket
G66 Mill out circular pocket
G67 Flycut
G68 Mill out rectangular pocket with radius corners
G70 Inch mode
G71 Millimeter mode
G74 Peck drilling (Lathe)
G80 Cancel motion mode (includes canned)
G81 Drilling canned cycle
G82 Drilling with dwell canned cycle
G83 Chip-breaking drilling canned cycle (Peck Drilling)
G84 Tapping cycle (right hand tapping canned cycle)
G85 Boring cycle 1 (boring, no dwell, feed out canned cycle)
G86 Boring cycle 2 (boring, spindle stop, rapid out canned)
G87 Back boring canned cycle
G88 Boring cycle 3 (boring, spindle stop, manual out canned)
G89 Boring cycle 4 (boring, dwell, feed out canned cycle)
G90 Absolute mode
G91 Incremental mode
G92 Home coordinate reset (offset coordinate systems)
G92.2 Cancel offset coordinate systems
G93 Inverse time feed mode
G94 IPM mode (Lathe) default (feed per minute mode)
G95 IPR mode (Lathe)
G96 Constant Surface Feed On (Lathe)
G97 Constant Surface Feed Off (Lathe)
G98 Initial level return in canned cycles