Haas G Codes Mill Quiz

Haas G Codes Mill
G00 Rapid Motion
G01 Linear Interpolation Motion
G02 CW Interpolation Motion
G03 CCW Interpolation Motion
G04 Dwell
G09 Exact Stop
G10 Programmable Offset Setting
G12 CW Circular Pock Milling (Yasnac)
G13 CCW Circular Pock Milling (Yasnac)
G17 XY Plane Selection
G18 ZX Plane Selection
G19 YZ Plane Selection
G20 Inch Programming Selection
G21 Metric Programming Selection
G28 Return to Machine Zero
G29 Move to Location Through G29 Reference
G31 Skip Function
G35 Automatic Tool Diameter Measurement
G36 Automatic Work Offset Measurement
G37 Automatic Tool Length Measurement
G40 Cutter Comp Cancel
G41 Cutter Compensation Left
G42 Cutter Compensation Right
G43 Tool Length Compensation +
G44 Tool Length Compensation -
G47 Engraving
G49 G43/G44 Cancel
G50 G51 Cancel
G51 Scaling
G52 Select Work Coordinate System G52 (Yasnac)
G52 Set Local Coordinate System (Fanuc)
G52 Set Local Coordinate System (HAAS)
G53 Non-Modal Machine Coordinate Selection
G54 Select Work Coordinate System l
G55 Select Work Coordinate System 2
G56 Select Work Coordinate System 3
G57 Select Work Coordinate System 4
G58 Select Work Coordinate System 5
G59 Select Work Coordinate System 6
G60 Unidirectional Positioning
G61 Exact Stop Modal
G64 G61 Cancel
G65 Macro Subroutine Call
G68 Rotation
G69 G68 Cancel
G70 Bolt Hole Circle
G71 Bolt Hole Arc
G72 Bolt Holes Along an Angle
G73 High Speed Peck Drill Canned Cycle
G74 Reverse Tap Canned Cycle
G76 Fine Boring Canned Cycle
G77 Back Bore Canned Cycle
G80 Canned Cycle Cancel
G81 Drill Canned Cycle
G82 Spot Drill Canned Cycle
G83 Peck Drill Canned Cycle
G84 Tapping Canned Cycle
G85 Boring Canned Cycle
G86 Bore/Stop Canned Cycle
G87 Bore/Manual Retract Canned Cycle
G88 Bore/Dwell Canned Cycle
G89 Bore Canned Cycle
G90 Absolute
G91 Incremental
G92 Set Work Coordinates - FANUC or HAAS
G92 Set Work Coordinates - YASNAC
G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode ON
G94 Inverse Time Feed Mode OFF/Feed Per Minute ON
G95 Feed per Revolution
G98 Initial Point Return
G99 R Plane Return
G100 Disable Mirror Image
G101 Enable Mirror Image
G102 Programmable Output To RS-232
G103 Block Look ahead Limit
G107 Cylindrical Mapping
G110-G129 Select Coordinate System #7-26
G136 Automatic Work Offset Center Measurement
G141 3D+ Cutter Compensation
G143 5 Axis Tool Length Compensation+
G150 General Purpose Pocket Milling
G153 5 Axis High Speed Peck Drill Canned Cycle
G154 P1-P99  Replaces G110-G129 on newer machines
G155 5 Axis Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle
G161 5 Axis Drill Canned Cycle
G162 5 Axis Spot Drill/Counterbore Canned Cycle
G163 5 Axis Peck Drill Canned Cycle (Setting 22)
G164 5 Axis Tapping Canned Cycle
G165 5 Axis Bore in, Bore out Canned Cycle
G166 5 Axis Bore in, Stop, Rapid out Canned Cycle
G169 5 Axis Bore, Dwell, Bore out Canned Cycle
G174 Special Purpose Non-Vertical Rigid Tapping CCW
G184 Special Purpose Non-Vertical Rigid Tapping CW
G187 Accuracy Control for High Speed Machining
G188 Get Program From PST (Program Schedule Table)