Cincinnati G Codes Quiz

G0 Rapid Traverse (linear)
G1 Linear Interpolation
G2 Circular/Helical CW
G2.01 Circular/Helical CW (absolute)
G2.02 Circular/Helical CW (incremental)
G3 Circular/Helical CCW
G3.01 Circular/Helical CCW (absolute)
G3.02 Circular/Helical CCW (incremental)
G4 Dwell
G7.1 Cylindrical Interpolation
G8 Suppress Interpolation
G9 Exact Stop
G12 Contouring Rotary Axis Unwind
G13.1 Cylindrical Interpolation Off
G15.1 Polar Coordinate Programming (bolt circle)
G15.2 Polar Coordinate Programming (part contour)
G17 XY Plane Select
G18 YZ Plane Select
G19 ZX Plane Select
G22, 22.1 Milling Cycle Rectangular Face
G23, 23.1 Milling Cycle Rectangular Pocket
G24, 24.1 Milling Cycle Rectangular Inside Frame
G25, 25.1 Milling Cycle Rectangular Outside Frame
G26 Milling Cycle Circular Face
G26.1 Milling Cycle Circular Pocket
G27 Milling Cycle Circular Inside Frame
G27.1 Milling Cycle Circular Outside Frame
G28 Auto Return to Reference Point
G29 Auto Return From Reference Point
G36 Move to Next Operation Location
G36.1 Test for End of Pattern
G37 Cancel Pattern
G38 Rectangular Pattern
G39 Circle Pattern
G40 Cutter Diameter Compensation OFF
G41 Cutter Diameter Compensation On LEFT
G42 Cutter Diameter Compensation On RIGHT
G43 PQR Cutter Diameter Compensation On
G45 Acceleration/Deceleration ON
G45.01, 45.02, 45.03 User Specific Acceleration
G45.1 Acceleration/Deceleration ON (Die Roughing)
G45.2 Acceleration/Deceleration ON (Die Finishing)
G46 Acceleration/Deceleration OFF
G50 Pallet Coordinates
G51 Probe Multiple Axes
G51.1 Vector Probe Surface and Set Offsets
G51.2 Rotary Axis measurement
G51.3 Angle Measurement in X or Y Plane
G51.4 Measure feature to feature XY Plane
G51.5 Measure feature to Feature Z Plane
G52 Local Coordinate System
G60 Positioning Mode
G61 Contouring Mode
G61.1 Automatic Corner Speed Override (Left)
G61.2 Automatic Corner Speed Override (Right)
G68 Tool Probe Cycle Set Tool Length
G69 Tool Probe Cycle Check Tool Length
G70 Inch Programming
G71 Metric Programming
G72 Set Stylus and Tip Dimension
G73 Set Probe Stylus Tip Dimension
G74 Set Probe Length
G75 Locate Internal Corner
G76 Locate External Corner
G77 Locate Surface
G77.1 Stock Allowance
G78 Locate and Measure Bore or Boss
G79 Measure Pocket or Web
G80 Reset Fixed Cycle
G81 Drill Cycle
G82 Counterbore/Spot Drill with Dwell Cycle
G83 Deep Hole Drill (Peck Drill) Cycle
G84 Tap Cycle (Conventional)
G84.1 Rigid Tap Cycle
G85 Bore/Ream Cycle
G86 Bore Cycle
G87 Back Bore Cycle
G88 Web Drill/Bore Cycle
G89 Bore/Ream with Dwell Cycle
G90 Absolute Dimension Input
G91 Incremental Dimension Input
G92 Position Set
G92.1 Position Sets Setup Offset
G92.2 Position Sets Pallet Offset
G93 Inverse Time Feedrate (1/T)
G94 Feed Per Minute Feedrate Mode
G95 Feed Per Revolution Feedrate Mode
G96 Constant Surface Speed
G97 Constant Spindle Speed (S = RPM)
G97.1 Constant Spindle Speed (S = Surface Speed)
G98 Machine Coordinates (tool tip)
G98.1 Machine Coordinates
G99 Position Set Cancel
G150 Scaling OFF
G151 Scaling ON