More G43 G49 Tool Length Offsets

RS274/NGC G-code Reference

Tool Length Offsets — G43 and G49

To use a tool length offset, program

G43 H…,

where the H number is the desired index in the tool table. It is expected that all entries in this table will be positive. The H number should be, but does not have to be, the same as the slot number of the tool currently in the spindle. It is OK for the H number to be zero; an offset value of zero will be used.

It is an error if:
• the H number is not an integer, is negative, or is larger than the number of carousel slots.
To use no tool length offset, program G49.
It is OK to program using the same offset already in use. It is also OK to program using no tool length offset if none is currently being used.

G43 G49 Tool Length Offsets