More G83 Cycle

RS274/NGC G-code Reference

G83 Cycle

The G83 cycle (often called peck drilling) is intended for deep drilling or milling with chip breaking. The retracts in this cycle clear the hole of chips and cut off any long stringers (which are common when drilling in aluminum). This cycle takes a Q number which represents a “delta” increment along the Z-axis. Program

G83 X… Y… Z… A… B… C… R… L… Q…

0. Preliminary motion, as described above.
1. Move the Z-axis only at the current feed rate downward by delta or to the Z position, whichever is less deep.
2. Rapid back out to the clear_z.
3. Rapid back down to the current hole bottom, backed off a bit.
4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until the Z position is reached at step 1.
5. Retract the Z-axis at traverse rate to clear Z.
It is an error if:
• the Q number is negative or zero.

G83 Cycle